Adopted Collies

Angus is a male, 3 year old, neutered, tri-colored, smooth collie. His birthday is 12/28/13. He has spent most of his life before Tri-County Collie Rescue living in a small crate. Angus is, therefore, still a puppy in many ways.

Angus is quite smart and responds very well to routine. He is very high energy and requires daily long walks and supervised play time. He gets along well with other dogs but can be wary of people when first meeting them.

Angus requires a home where he will not be crated and where someone will be with him---and not leave him alone routinely. He also needs an energetic home to continue his educational socialization in a patient fashion. Angus also needs another dog living with him.

Luna is a Rough Blue Merle, Female Collie. She turned 3 in November of 2016.

Luna is full of energy and likes to play. She is good with other dogs and birds.

She is very affectionate, somewhat needy, and loved to cuddle with her foster family.

Luna was on a medical hold due to a skin condition, as well as dealing with a false pregnancy, but she was lucky enough to find a forever home that wanted to work with her and fix her problems.

Luna is now with her forever home, and she is getting a lot of love and attention. Lucky girl!

Piper is a 7 year old male Tri Rough Collie. He was adopted and went to his new home. He is a very affectionate and good natured boy, and will make a wonderful addition to their family.

Update: He is doing very well with his new family. They are taking him on plenty of walks to bring down his weight.

Heidi is an extremely sweet 8.5 year old rough female sable headed white Collie, with a brown patch on her rump.

She adapted really easy to her foster home.

Heidi was very well taken care of with regular Vet (up-to-date on all shots) and grooming visits. She will play fetch and tug of war a little bit. Save your paper towel and toilet paper rolls, you will make Heidi's day by giving them to her, she loves to play with them. She loves to run around in the yard (she still has lots of energy for her age), but is more reserved indoors. She likes to be outside and sunbathe. She plays well with her Collie foster brothers.

She prefers to be in the room where someone else is. She will also do a soft bark to get your attention, she can be a bit of a talker. She likes to give Eskimo kisses, but is stingy with licking. She loves chin rubs, and will rub up against you.

She usually sleeps on her doggy bed, she currently has one in our living room and one in the bedroom. She doesn't get on the furniture.

She knows basic commands, and is used to going on walks. She is potty trained. She rides great in the car. She doesn't seemed to be bothered by brushing.

Heidi went to her "forever home" and is doing very well with her new family.

Archie is a sable, male collie, approximately 5 1/2 years old. He is neutered. He has some mobility limitations as a result of a past accident. He lost most of his tail in that accident, has a metal pin in his front leg and limps somewhat. His range of motion is, therefore, compromised so he must be lifted into and out of vehicles. His only current medication is daily glucosamine/chondroitin.

Archie gets along well with other dogs but prefers to be with people. He is very gentle and is learning how to play with toys. Archie requires a home in which someone will be with him and not leave him alone.

Archie has found his forever home and we are all so happy for him and his new family!

Sheila is one of our current hospice foster collies. She is a senior girl at 12 1/2 years old who experiences mobility issues due to her arthritis and age. Since being in a wheelchair accessible home, without having to deal with stairs, she has a better quality of life in her senior years. Sheila is also taking a joint supplement and is on a pain management protocol.

Introducing “Nikki,” a 9 year-old, sable rough female. She is a new addition to TCCR's foster program and is not yet available. Nikki is currently being evaluated and more updates will follow.

Introducing “Lassie”, a 6 year-old, sable and mahogany rough female. She is a new addition to TCCR's foster program and is not yet available. Lassie is currently being evaluated and more updates will follow.

Introducing “Sabra”, a 4 year-old, blue merle rough female. She is a new addition to TCCR's foster program and is not yet available. Sabra is currently being evaluated and more updates will follow.

Sophie is a 2-year old, petite, smooth-coat collie mix who has a zest for life. This gal was so excited to leave the shelter and has settled into her foster home very quickly. She is very smart and in a short time, has learned basic commands and knows how to give paw and roll over.

Sophie loves to go for walks, but gets a little excited when she sees other dogs strolling by even though she is fine with her furry foster home friends who are along for the adventure. Her favorite yard activity is playing fetch and she does it with skill and grace. This little gal, 40 pounds, is terrific in the house and loves going for car rides. She does not chew on things, loves the doggie toy box, and will only get on furniture if invited.

She has full run of her foster home while the humans are away. Sophie will also let you know if someone is at the front door even before there is a knock. She clings to her foster dad, loves to be petted, and frequently snoozes near his feet. Sophie ignores cats, but would do best in a home with a submissive companion and older children. A home with an above ground fence is also preferred.

Luck be a Lady. Lady is a beautiful collie gal and approximately 2-3 years old. She was very lucky some good samaritans hosted her while they tried to find her family. Lady’s family never stepped forward, so she was placed with the Tri-County Collie Rescue. She adapted very quickly to her foster home and new doggie pals.

Lady is very intelligent. In a very short time, she learned basic commands, how to walk beautifully on a leash, and figured out the doggie door with little help from the humans. Lady is crate trained and knows that she has to “kennel up” during certain times of the day.

Following her foster family around the house seems to be a favorite activity. She loves human snuggle time, especially if belly rubs are involved. This gal is a pure delight.

Dora is a 5 year-old, smooth sable female. She is good with cats and dogs. She would do well with a dog-friendly canine friend.

Dora adjusted very quickly to her foster home. She is timid around strangers, but once she gets a chance to warm up to someone, she does fine.

Dora is quiet and not a barker. She does not do well when taken out of her familiar area, due to her lack of socialization. Due to her fear issues in new situations, she is a flight risk. She would be best in a home without small children, who may leave doors and gates open.

Dora is very sweet and a good companion. She enjoys playing with toys. If you have room in your heart and home, please consider this sweet girl.

Valentine is a 1.5 year-old, tri rough male collie. He is a little sweetheart at 55 lbs and he's pretty mellow for such a young dog, although he is playful. He is potty trained and he's fine with parrots, so we don't think he has a prey drive.

Valentine does get car sick and he is afraid of storms and fireworks and will find a place to hide where he feels safe. He came to us unsocialized with humans and dogs and is a little timid around people at first. He is fine around other collies.

Valentine is very inquisitive and seems to learn very quickly. Although we have been working with him at leash training, he still has a long way to go and is going to need time and patience with his training. Valentine has an unusual bark for a collie. He kind of woofs once, then does a howly type bark after that, but he is not a big barker.

This is “Trace,” a wonderful 9 year-old, blue merle rough male. He is a good size male, weighing in at 63 lbs.

Trace is affectionate and playful. He does not act like an older dog. He loves to run, play and interact with you and other dogs.

His foster mom suspects he was kept outside. She has been working with him and Trace has learned basic commands and indoor manners, as well as climbing steps.

Trace has been a good student. He can be mischievous at times and he will counter surf. Trace`s loving temperament will make him a good companion and loyal friend.

Callie is a 4 year-old, tri smooth female collie. She's good with other dogs and cats while at her foster home. Callie is very smart and affectionate, loves to play with her toys, and very well adjusted to her household. She is good on a leash and likes going on her walks.

Let me introduce myself. I am Ziggy, an 8 year-old, sable/merle male. I will capture your attention with my one blue eye and one brown eye. I'm quite the handsome senior gentleman. I have been very well taken care of by my previous owner who is moving into an assisted living home. I can be very playful, but I do not do well with small children. Teenagers would be best for the tall collie fellow that I am. I am excellent riding in a car and going for walks. I am an active senior who would make a wonderful companion for my new owners.

Howell came to TCCR as an owner surrender. He’s a tall, tri-color, neutered collie boy, approximately 10 years old. He's up-to-date on his shots. We think he could afford to put on some weight, as he's a very slim 50 lbs.

He's pretty spry for a “senior”. He is able to jump a 31-inch doggy gate (he only did this once, as he didn’t want to be locked away from everyone else).

He’s a real lover and wants to be with his people. He is extremely loving, sweet, pretty mellow, and very affectionate. He loves to cuddle and sleep with his head on your chest, and likes it if you put your arm around him.

He seems to be more tolerant with our 9 year-old collie than he is with our 2.5 year-old collie. He would probably be better off as an only dog or with an older dog. He gets along fine with our two collies, and when our younger collie gets over rambunctious, Howell just gives him a little warning and our boy backs off.

We were told he is used to being crated and covered with a blanket although we haven't been crating him, as there has been no need to, as he’s not a problem at all when left alone. The vet confirmed that the wearing down of and the few broken teeth he has were probably from chewing on a crate.

He really hasn’t played with any stuffed or squeaky toys, but he does seem to like to chew on rawhide bones a little bit. He gets a little nervous during fireworks and thunderstorms and starts to pace and wants to be reassured.

He will bark to let you know if he needs to go outside, if he thinks it’s time to be fed, or he just wants your attention. When it comes to eating, Howell is a grazer, and sometimes has to be coaxed to eat.

He will share a water bowl (drink at the same time as our dogs), and he's not food aggressive to them or us at all.

This is Jamie. She is a mahogany, 3-year-old, female rough collie. She has a sweet temperament and came from the same owner as Laci.

To begin with the only negative, and it is a stretch to call it a negative, she is vocal. When she has something to say, she says it. It is most likely because she needs to go outside. It also may mean she needs water or wants to play. She will also talk to you if you are playing, but not with her. She starts out with this ultra-cute inside voice, but if you don't pay attention, she gets progressively louder and this bark is shrill. Sometimes her foster parents call her Bob (as in Bob Barker).

Now for the positives. She is very, very close to perfect. Wherever her people are, that's where she expects to be. She loves car rides. She is great as a potty guard.

Jamie's indoor demeanor is great. She has very good manors and generally doesn't counter surf. She doesn't try to get on the furniture, but the furniture isn't large enough for her to be on anyway.

She doesn't realize she is a larger dog. She tends to overwhelm small people and small animals. She has a large quantity of puppy in her yet. It is unknown how she would be with cats.

The list goes on and on. Jamie would do well in any number of good homes, but, honestly, she deserves a perfect fit and that includes a home where she is not just a cool pet, but a family member. She needs loads of attention (including conversation) for her optimum mental benefit. She needs more than being petted and going on nice walks to thrive. She is a "companion"in the strictest definition of the word.

Hello everyone! My name is Lonach, but I go by Lonnie. I am a1-year-old, tri-colored, neutered male. I am very tall and am going to be a big boy. I have a lot of puppy in me and I am very affectionate. I get along very well with my foster brother, Ziggy. Now, please see below for a few words from my foster mom.

As a puppy Lonnie was taken out of an unhealthy situation and was well taken care of by a wonderful lady. Now the owner is faced with her own health issues and has to move out-of-state to a place that will not take dogs over 50 pounds. She has entrusted TCCR with finding Lonnie a forever home.

Lonnie is very friendly . He loves people and gets along with other dogs and cats. He is very comfortable on the couch and does like to jump up on you sometimes when not expected. Fencing may be an issue as he may be capable of going over a fence if he sees a squirrel or a deer. Right now, he is not left alone outside and is taken out on a lead. Lonnie barks at noises but, when told to stop, he usually does. He knows come and sit but needs to work on other commands. When on a long lead, he tends to pull and not respond to you. The owner put Lonnie on rice and lamb after having some stomach issues with other foods

Look for further updates on Lonnie as we find out more about him. Lonnie has a vet appointment next week to get checked and updated on his shots. Then, he should be ready for adoption.

Hi, my name is Laci. I am a 3-year-old female sable collie. I am looking for a new home.

I love to play with toys, but sometimes I don`t like to share them with other dogs. I also like to retrieve. I know some commands like sit and shake hands.

I am well behaved inside the house. I love being with my people and enjoy the attention. They say I am very affectionate and have a good temperament.

My foster family feels I need to loose a little weight. They recommend walks. If you have room in your heart and home, I will be waiting for you.

Hello, my name is Lucy. I'm an approximately 2-year old, tri-color Australian shepherd/border collie mix. I’m about 65 pounds of solid muscle. I can sit, lay down, sit pretty (sit-up), dance, shake paws, and come when called . I'm going to obedience classes and learning to heel along with other things they are teaching me. I love belly rubs and I like to chew on rawhide bones and stuffed animals. I ride really well in the car. I love to look out the front window of the house and let everyone know I see them. I also get along well and play with my three collie brothers. I do take charge of my "brothers" as I am the leader of the "pack".

I’m not dog food/treat/toy aggressive, and I share with my "brothers". I do love to counter-surf if something smells good, and I beg for people food because I’ve had it before and I prefer it over my dog food. My foster parents don’t let me have any now, and I’m not very happy about it.

I have jumped a 32" doggy gate once when I really, really wanted to visit with some people who were visiting my foster family, but that was the only time. When my foster family leaves the house, they lock me in the bathroom (instead of a crate) with food/water/toys, and other than complaining for a few minutes, I just settle down and accept it and don’t do anything bad.

My foster parents agree that I am very lovable/affectionate and I like to give them hugs around their neck. I don't really like small dogs or female dogs. My foster parents don't know if I'm good around cats or other animals. They also say I’m headstrong and that I will need an adopter who has a firm, but loving hand. Is that you?

Lizzie has had her initial vet checkup and is in good health. A dental cleaning is recommended and will be scheduled when she sheds 10-15 pounds. Watch those treats, Liz, and let’s go for a walk!

Lizzie, a 10-year old sable female, came to us as an owner turn-in. She has been well cared for and is currently being evaluated and vetted.

Hey, everyone. My name is Lady, short for Ladybug! I was named by one of the little people in my foster family. I’m a sable and white, approximately 10-year-old, smooth collie girl. I’m a lucky girl at that. I was found by someone north of Saginaw who tried for ten days to find my owners. That person turned me over to the Midland County Humane Society where someone gave TCCR a call. When my foster parents picked me up, I was ultra skinny and had crap (excuse my language, after all, my name is Lady) in my eyes the consistency of Elmer’s glue, but green as grass. I also had blood in my stool. Soon after that, I began vomiting clear liquid with fresh blood. When I went to the hospital, I found out I had THREE different types of worms and an eye infection.

So, I decided right then and there, I was going to beat this stuff and you know what? I’m doing it!! I have another round of worm treatment to go, but those nasty worms really aren’t an issue anymore. I’m putting on weight and eating well. This food stuff is pawsome! I’ve been to the groomer (didn’t really care for the nail cutting, though) and now I am beautiful and I know it!! I totally don’t look ten. I look younger and I feel younger, too, because I run the fenceline, chasing the neighbor’s dog, and she’s fast! I am a very different dog in the house, though, and move very slowly. I don’t want to break anything, plus foster Mom and Dad don’t think I’m used to being in a house. I haven’t told them yet if I am or if I’m not.

Let’s see, what else can I tell you about me? I’m great with people and other dogs. I much prefer little people, though, and won’t leave my little one’s side. I rub against people’s legs like I’m a cat. Also, when I greet people, I position my head so that I receive an obligatory kiss on the top of my forehead!

Ella is new to the rescue. She is currently being evaluated and will be available for adoption at a later date.

Hi, I'm Sophie, a 1 1/2 year-old sable rough collie girl. I was turned in because my owner is moving to another state and unable to take me with her. I've been very well taken care of, impeccably groomed, and given much love. I'm active, full of energy and would be a good candidate for agility training. I am good with children as well as all the adults I meet. I love going for walks and car rides. I know my basic commands and have been trained to do several tricks by my previous owner.

Laddie came to TCCR as a stray. He’s a petite, tri-color collie boy, approximately 1 ½ years old. After he puts on some more weight, he will get neutered, so he's currently under a medical hold. He’s a real lover, and wants to be with his people or other dogs, unless it’s nap time, then he will find a little nook to curl up and sleep. He is extremely loving, sweet, and very affectionate.

He does the "collie rub". He likes to rub against your head, and he will do it to other dogs as well. Laddie has finally started to play with his two collie brothers and Austrian shepherd sister. He prances and bounces when he gets excited during play, but he still gets tired quickly after a romp with the other dogs, as he came to us underweight. He is starting to play with toys a little, but is not really sure what to do with them. His "siblings" are teaching him, though. He doesn’t bother smaller animals; he just wants to play with everyone.

He will bark to let you know if he needs to go outside or if he thinks it’s time to be fed! He will share a water bowl (drink at the same time as other dogs in the house), but will push other dogs out of the way to get to their food (another by-product of being underweight). He has dumped the inside garbage can over searching for food, so his foster parents have had to put the can behind closed doors. He’s not a big fan of being brushed, but will tolerate it for a few minutes. However, he does fine with a bath.

He is like a flower waiting to blossom; his wonderful personality shows through more and more each day.

Hi everyone…my name is Patches, a 2-year-old female tri-color sweetheart of a collie girl! I’m new to rescue and I’m currently in the process of being evaluated, vetted and groomed at my new foster home. My prior owners couldn’t keep me anymore. They also couldn’t keep my mom, Bella, or my sister, Daisy, who are also now in rescue (see their bios on this page).

Hi everyone…my name is Daisy, a 2-year-old sable female, also known as a powderpuff sweetheart! I’m new to rescue and I’m currently in the process of being evaluated, vetted and groomed at my new foster home, so I’m not available just yet. My prior owners couldn’t keep me anymore. They also couldn’t keep my mom, Bella, or my sister, Patches, who are also now in rescue (see their bios on this page)

Hey everyone, my name is Bella and I’m new to the rescue. I’m 4 years old and I’m a sable female sweetie. I’m currently being evaluated by my foster dad, so I’m not ready for adoption yet, but there will be new info on me in the days ahead. I can tell you, though, that my previous owners could no longer care for me or my daughters (Daisy and Patches, see their bios on this page), so we all came into rescue. Can you believe I have two daughters…I mean I look so young and beautiful! Anyway, foster dad has welcomed me with open arms and will be taking me to the groomers next week, so if you think I’m pretty now, I will be blindingly beautiful next week. More pictures will be posted then.

Hi everyone. Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m Sheba and I’m a 7 year-old sable white female. Watching the Olympics these last few days and seeing all the British Royalty, I was just thinking that I could easily belong to collie royalty, if there is such a thing. I’m a very good representative of the collie breed. I love to be around people, which is a very important thing when you are a royal. Royals greet people you know. I’m very good at that.

I do very well with car rides. That’s important as a royal, too. That way I can wave to my admirers without getting car sick. I’m smart and learn things very quickly. If you adopted me, I could help us outsmart the paparazzi. I’m fabulous on a leash, love to take walks and I do well with other dogs. Again, I’m totally royal material.

I do have one flaw. I don’t care for cats and am not good with them. Even royals have faults. (I bet Duchess Kate could even tell us a few things about Prince William.)

OWEN is a 7 year old male white collie with sable markings. Owen was turned in because his family could no longer give him the quality time he deserves. Owen has a fear of storms and some separation anxiety issues and takes an inexpensive medication to help him. His foster family is working on these issues and he will need patient and loving leadership from his adoptive family to help him overcome his anxieties.

Owen has hearing loss in his left ear, so he may not respond if excess noise in the environment masks your voice. Owen gets along well with his foster home’s older dog and came from a house with a 17 month old toddler, so we think he can do well in most settings. He likes car rides, long walks, and is very friendly.

This is MISTY, a 10 year old sable and white female, an extremely gentle girl who is looking for her forever home. Since she was a pretty sable puppy she was called Misty, sure to bring a twinkle to your eye just like the Emerald Isle. Misty has a problem with thunderstorms and loud firecrackers like many collies (and many other breeds for that matter). Her new owner should be aware that she needs to be reassured of her safety when there is a storm. A safe, quiet place away from the noise will help greatly. Misty is excellent riding in a car, loves walks, and gets along well with other dogs and cats. If you would like to open your home to a loving, gentle girl, Misty may be just the one you’re looking for.

JERICHO is a lovely, loving 8-1/2 year old sable male who gets along with everyone and knows no strangers. His sweet and sunny disposition wins him friends everywhere he goes! Jericho was turned in because his owners were moving and couldn’t take him with them. He’s good with other dogs and cats alike; seems to like children that he’s been exposed to. He’d love to have another dog to play with. Jericho loves car rides, and walks like a gentleman on the leash and doesn’t pull. Jericho has a seizure disorder that is said to be stress induced; he’s on daily inexpensive medication for this, which is controlling it very well (hasn’t had a seizure in the over three months he’s been fostered). If you can see it in your heart to give him a chance, you won’t be sorry.

COOPER is a beautiful blue merle who will be turning 10 years old in November. He’s a big boy at 88 lbs (could stand to lose a few) who is healthy and active. Taking walks and playing with his stuffed squeaky toys are his recreational outlets. Cooper is a gentle dog with his humans, loves hugs and being petted; he really enjoys the one-on-one attention and follows his people around like a good companion dog should. Since he has some show ring experience in his background, he is a dream to groom and handle. He’s a quiet dog having been debarked and should not bother neighbors as he cheers on the bicyclists and skateboarders that go by. The best home for Cooper would be as an only dog unless his new owner is very dog savvy and can handle the inevitable competition with other dogs.

BABE is a 6 year old female, spayed, up to date on shots and on heartworm preventative. She is a friendly girl who is adjusting to indoor living after kennel life. She is crate trained and has had no accidents in the house. Babe walks well on a leash which is good because she is overweight and needs the exercise. Babe comes when called and sits when asked. She is learning to shake hands, go up and down stairs and play nicely with my 10 yr old male.

Babe likes squeaky toys and has retrieved tennis balls when thrown for her. She likes to be right in the middle of things, gives her opinion when asked but stops when told to. So far she does not like the vacuum cleaner when it’s turned on. There are no kids or cats in her foster home so her reaction to either isn’t known but with her pleasing personality she’ll likely adjust to most situations. If you are looking for a dog that will be a good companion, Babe could be the dog for you!

KRIKIT is a 6 year old tri rough female. She has a very sweet temperament and likes to be around people. She would do equally well living with an older family or a family with young children. Kriket likes to play but is not overly rough where she jumps up on you or would knock down a small child. She is good with cats and dogs and is trustworthy when left alone in the house. She enjoys taking walks and is good on a leash. She is well behaved when riding in the car. Her favorite thing to do is snuggling up with her human family. One cute thing Krikit will do to get your attention, is sit by you and put her front paw up in the air as if she is waving at you.

MATTHEW is a sweet, 8 year old Sable male that fell on hard times. The son put his dad in a nursing home so the daughter of the 90+ year old owner took her mom back to California for a visit before sending her home to Argentina….leaving Matthew tied up outside with the neighbor feeding him and taking him for the occasional walk!

Mattie (Matthew is just SO formal! <g>) is housebroken, current on shots, just neutered, loves kids, obviously does well with older folks and a little confused by the cat. He will sit and stare at the cat, then start to bark at her, never tries to chase her, but just can’t quite figure her out. He likes to be as close to me at all times as he can be. Mattie is no slouch though, he and my 2 year old “pup” race around the backyard playing tag and herding each other whenever they get outside. If you have room for a really sweet gentleman, take a look at Matthew!

MIA is a 6 year old, sable & white smooth collie of average size–approx. 21 inches. She is very outgoing and friendly with everyone and very good with other animals. Mia has had some obedience training and knows several commands. She is very responsive and eager to please. She likes to play with toys and retrieves, but is quiet in the house. She is easy to live with, completely housebroken, and has no apparent bad habits. Mia will make someone an awesome companion.

GLORY is a wonderful 9 yr. old, petite girl who is very well-mannered, obedient and playful. Young in spirit for her age. She loves a game of fetch and being tossed her toys. She will cuddle next to you on the couch, and sleep at the foot of her master’s bed, always returning the love and praise she receives with a collie smile. She is gentle with children and very good with other dogs and also cats. Glory does have skin allergies and will need to stay on “grain-free food” as well as an inexpensive medication and Vitamin E to maintain good health. Glory will not do well in a stressful environment. She is instead suited for a calm household, possibly being a wonderful companion for a retired couple. She came to us from a good home and a caring owner.

Hi, I’m “Paris”. My foster mom affectionately calls me “Evening in Paris” (probably because I’m so beautiful!). The vet thinks I’m about six years old. I’m a very gentle, sweet and smart collie! I try very hard to please. I’ve been in two homes before my foster home, but folks treated me pretty well and gave me some obedience training and housebreaking.

But, I hadn’t seen a vet in a long time. Now things are better! I’ve been spayed and all my vaccinations are up to date. I have a minor eye problem that the vet says is ‘benign’ but no other health problems. I didn’t get much food in my other home and, according to the vet, I was underweight. But I get LOTS to eat here and have two other collies to play with. I used to climb up on the counters to get food but my foster mom says I don’t have to do that anymore, so I don’t. She says I’m “quick to learn.”

I love to run around the yard, but mostly I love to stay by my foster mom just in case she needs me to do anything. She calls me her ‘Velcro’ collie! I’d love to have a home where I could be the center of attention even though I get along with other dogs. I’m not sure what a “cat” is as we don’t have any here. I love to go for rides and used to go into a crate, too, but not here. If you’d like a sweet collie who’d give you all the love in the world, please contact my foster mom!

Update on Paris: I’ve had such a FUN day today! My foster mom and her granddaughter took me to a “Pet Day” at their local feed store. I was introduced to Alpaca’s, Llama’s, bunnies (boring!), goats, a pig, and even a miniature horse! I really liked all the different animals and my foster mom said I did really good, not barking or getting upset with all the noise and different smells. And the tall furry, funny ones sure did SMELL! I met lots of other dogs too and so many people, big ones and little ones, petted me that I lost count. They all told my foster mom how beautiful I am, and of course she agreed! I shook hands and acted just like the lady I really am. I’ve put on some weight now and the vet says I’m SO healthy! Her granddaughter played with me and brushed me until my coat shown. No wonder everybody thinks I’m beautiful!

Meet NELLIE, a Collie/Shepherd mix. While she carries something of the looks of the Shepherd, her personality is all collie — calm and gentle. Nellie was abandoned at a local veterinarian where she was brought up-to-date on all vaccinations and put on heartworm medication. She was a little underweight and shaky, but she is gaining weight and strength daily. She is walking a two mile walk without difficulty. Nellie’s age was originally estimated at 12 years, but we now think she is closer to the six year mark based on her teeth, strong coat, and general health.

GUS is a seven-year-old tri-colored collie. He is up-to-date on all vaccines, is heartworm negative, and is a very sweet fellow. He gets along fine with other dogs and even tries to play with them. He is fine on walks and rides well in the car. Gus loves kids, he sleeps with our grandson when he stays over. He is very gentle, and loves our morning routine of a treat after being let out.

Gus has some issues however. He loves to escape and will run if given the chance. Gus was fostered by us four years ago and was the same sweet dog then. He was adopted by what we thought was a loving & caring family. When he arrived back here this June, he was Mr. Houdini dog. I don’t know what they did to him when they had him.

Gus needs a pretty secure containment system and someone who is dog savvy as he is a smart fellow who will gain your confidence and watch for his chance to escape.

BISCUIT will be 10 years old come May 8. We originally fostered him back in 2003 . He is a very friendly dog to all and doesn’t have a mean bone in him. If you want a loyal dog who will always be at your side and be your best friend, that’s Biscuit. He likes to talk to you when he wants attention and loves to go after the garden hose stream and comes out of it soaking wet . The only issue he has is the kitchen floor. We had to put down rugs so he could get across to the other room. Biscuit has had little training and needs someone to teach him some basic commands. His former owner became ill and had to move into an apartment a few years ago so he didn’t get a lot of exercise just out on a lead to do his business. He needs a home with a yard and exercise. Biscuit came back to us when his owner had to move into an assisted living home.

TUCKER is a 9 year old Tri-color male collie. This big boy is verys weet and has a gentle hearted spirit. He knows his commands and gets along well with dogs, cats, birds, horses, rabbits and even goats! He especially loves children that are approximately 10 years and older.

CAETO is 4 year old rough mahogany sable female. The first thing that comes to mind when describing Caeto, is that she is very sweet and loving. Once she gets used to her surroundings, she will get attached, will want to follow you, and lay at your feet.

Caeto is every bit a lady; she is housebroken, trustworthy when left alone, does very well with other pets like dogs cats and birds. Caeto knows basic commands and is good when walking on a leash. She also enjoys car rides. Caeto would do equally well with a young family with children or with an older adult.

She was loved by her previous family, but circumstances forced them to give her up

BRANDI-LYNN is a 6 year old Sable female who spent the last several months working to regain her health. She came to TCCR underweight, with allergy issues, and heartworm positive.

Brandi-Lynn was successfully treated for heartworm and will now be on preventative year-round. Her allergy concerns have been successfully treated with a commercially available allergy-free food, allergy medication, and thyroid medication. Because of these needs, we are looking for just the right family to welcome this special girl.

Brandi-Lynn is housetrained and trustworthy left loose when the family is not at home. She loves car rides, kitties, and other dogs. She is obedient and walks well on a leash.

FINLEY is a 7 year old tri-color male Collie that was picked up as stray and spent some time in the dog pound. He likes other dogs, cats and kids, but he is still learning his manners and is a little over-enthusiastic. For that reason, he might not be a good fit for a home with small children as he could knock them down. Finley is housebroken and can be trusted not to destroy things in the home. He walks well on a leash and is a lot of fun, he loves chew toys and playing tug with you

This pretty girl’s name is CASEY. Case is a white collie with blue merle markings and is 6 years old. She was turned over to Collie Rescue when her owner passed away. Casey is very friendly and loves being around children and adults. She likes taking walks and is good on a leash. She also like car rides. Casey has proved to be trustworthy when left alone and knows her basic commands. She is well behaved around cats. Casey had to adjust to life in her foster home with other dogs wanting to share toys. With time and patience she began playing and getting along with the other dogs. She fits right in as part of the family. Casey has lots of love and companionship to give to a new forever family.

SAM is a wannabe collie (a collie mix). A TCCR member got a call from a high kill shelter on the west side of the state telling her that they had a collie. She hurried over and pulled…Sam. There may not be much collie blood in Sam, but he has all the collie mentality one could want. He is good with other dogs, cats and kids. He loves to be petted. He was probably neglected so he REALLY appreciates being fussed over. If you are looking for a sweet, gentle boy who will truly be devoted to you…Sam’s the man!

THOR is a tall-standing (big) boy, sable, and about 3 years old. He has a sweet personality, is pretty laid back, likes to stay close and cuddle. Although he is not overly active he likes to play keep away and chase toys. Thor had been in a shelter and was recently turned in to TCCR by someone who had adopted him but couldn’t keep him. Despite that history, he’s moved into his fosterhome as if he’s always lived there and is very well adjusted. He also gets along nicely with the dogs and cats in the fosterhome. According to his fostermom, she hasn’t found anything negative about Thor except that he could lose a few pounds (he’s an excellent eater).

DONNER is an 8 1/2 year old sable male Collie who was turned in due to a divorce. Donner is good with kids, cats, and other dogs. He walks nicely on a leash and doesn’t pull. Donner is trustworthy in the house when left alone and does not need to be crated. He loves car rides. Donner knows his commands as well as shakes paw. If you can find it in your heart to welcome this sweet boy into your home, you won’t regret it.

RUBY is a petite, sable, 8 1/2 year old female who acts like she is 4 years old. She has competed in the past in agility competitions and was a certified pet therapy dog.Her history is a sad one, as she has been returned by three adoptive homes through no fault of her own. One home had work schedule changes and the other two were the result of debilitating illnesses which left the owners unable to care for her.

Ruby is very affectionate, very smart and very willing to please. She acts a fraction of her age and truly needs a “forever” home.

LILLY is a 2 year old Smooth Collie mix and is low maintenance when it comes to grooming. Lilly is quiet, not a barker. She is good with children and other pets and also very affectionate. She is energetic and loves to play, but is also happy curling up next to you. She has one bad habit: she is an escape artist. For Lilly, the grass is literally greener on the other side of the fence so she digs her way there. She needs a yard with an electric fence, or possibly someone who lives in a condo who could take her out on a leash. If your looking for a best friend Lilly might be your answer.

LUKE is a beautiful male sable and white collie just turned 6 in December. He is not your typical rescue dog…he doesn’t have the long sad story of abuse or neglect. He had a wonderful, well cared for life from 7 weeks old to present. His turn in came due to divorce. He is very loving and very gentle. He knows his basic commands and gets along with children and cats. He loves to take long walks.

LILLIE is a young nine year old white Collie with a Tri-colored head (also known as a Tri-headed White), who came to us because her owners had to move to an apartment where they could not take her. Her coat is growing in nicely after being shaved She is good with kids, cats, and other dogs. Lillie is housebroken and trustworthy when left home alone, unsupervised. She loves to go outside and for walks; she is also a quick learner and is quickly mastering her commands.

TYSON is a beautiful blue merle about 2 years old. TCCR bailed him out of a shelter after he was dumped there by his third owner. Beyond that, we can only guess at his history. He doesn’t seem to know many commands, but is learning quickly since his fosterpersons are working to teach him. So perhaps no one took the time to train him. He gets along well with the other dogs and the cats in the home, but doesn’t readily run and play with them (maybe he was an only dog). He walks nicely on a leash; he’s pretty laid back for a 2 year old dog which is a good thing because he’s a large sized collie. He will seek out the company of his fosterpersons for his fair share of attention. Tyson seems to find everything a novelty, as if he didn’t get out much before to see the world.

ZEUS is a 9 year old ‘ish’ Sable and White Collie, found as a stray. He is sweet and very attentive to his foster mom, good with cats, and loves to ride in the car and go for walks. He’s good on the leash and doesn’t pull. Steps are not a problem for Zeus. He knows come, sit, give me a paw, etc. Zeus is trustworthy when left home alone, loose in the house; he is not destructive. Zeus is looking for his new forever home and would especially like someone to keep him company much of the day. If you’re looking for the new love of your life, than, Zeus may be for you!

TYLER is a 2 year-old male, sable, rough collie; although he currently does not look like one. Prior to coming to us, he was shaved at the shelter because his coat was severely matted. If you are looking for a young collie, Tyler fits the bill. He is curious about everything, very energetic, and playful all the time. Tyler is house trained. He is also crate trained, but only at small intervals. We are working with him on not to jump on people or other dogs. He gets along well with other dogs, but tends to have a food aggression towards them. We’re not sure if he likes cats. Tyler is tall, lanky, and loves people and attention. He is good with kids, but may run them over while playing. Tyler definitely needs obedience training. He wants to do the right thing, but he just doesn’t know what that is. He needs a special family that would love to take the time to teach him to become the special collie that he is. When his coat grows back, watch out, he’ll be a knockout.

CANDY is a 7 year old Sable & White female. She came to us through an animal shelter on the west side of the state, where she was picked up as a stray. She came in with her 7 year old Golden Retriever housemate/sister. The two of them were picked up and tagged the year before and returned to their owners. When they were found this time, the shelter knew who the owners were and tried to contact them but got no response. Of course the owners didn’t want them back, they were both heartworm positive! Candy has completed her heartworm treatment and has tested negative. Her Golden housemate was adopted, the family whom we met by accident on our first vet visit. Candy is a push-button dog who absolutely adores attention. If you start petting her, she will nudge your hand if you stop! She is completely housetrained and has the run of the place if we are away. We have three other collies in the house, Candy gets along fine with them. It took her awhile, but she has finally learned to play with the youngest one. Candy would do best in a home with children. When our grandkids come for a visit she wants to be wherever they are. She gives up her place on the floor on my side of the bed at night to be by their side. When she sees (or hears) the leash, she wants to go with me, beats me to the door. Walks or rides in the car, doesn’t matter as long as she can go!

MICK is about 2-1/2 years old and came in to TCCR’s care from an animal control shelter that found him as a stray. Although his owners were contacted that their dog had been found, they opted not to take him back into their family. Despite Mick’s strikingly beautiful blue merle coloring and happy-go-lucky temperament, it’s obvious that he’s a kinda-collie, and not 100% purebred. But he doesn’t know that and the collies in his foster home have adopted him as one of their own. Mick is a smart dog that picked up the household routine and learned basic commands very quickly. He is trustworthy indoors, there’s no inappropriate chewing or getting on furniture, likes getting groomed and is not a barky critter. He lives to play with people and other dogs. His picture shows him in that play mode, just asking for someone to join in the fun. Until Mick outgrows his boisterous, youthful enthusiasm, it would be better that he not be placed with frail or unsteady-on-their-feet humans or dogs

BUDDY was turned over to TCCR by a veterinarian that found him tied to their clinic door one morning. He had a note with him that his family could no longer care for him and hopefully the vet could find him a good home. It’s obvious that while he was with that family he was a well-cared-for pet. Buddy, a beautiful 6 year old male, is an active dog that loves his toys and playing fetch to get his exercise. He gets along well with the other dogs in his foster home and there’s no problem getting along with the cats either. He knows his commands, is trustworthy indoors, well behaved, kid friendly, and has no heath issues.

SEGER is a two year old rough coat white/merle collie. He is a young guy that came to us with another collie, Tyler, from a shelter where they were brought in as strays. His coat was so neglected that they had to shave him. After two weeks, his peach fuzz is finally growing into something that someday will be a beautiful white coat able to keep him warm on his daily walks. In the meantime, he wears a polar fleece coat. Seger follows anyone around the house if he thinks he can get attention – a real “velcro” collie. He has learned the “sit” command and we are working on walking on a leash. His house manners are a bit rough and a crate is helpful in controlling his puppy-like exuberance. He is housebroken and does bark when he wants to go out. Seger loves his squeaky toys and will play tug until your arm will fall off. Seger has a ton of energy and needs a family that can keep up with him and as well, have the patience to train him.

BUCK is a 10 year old sable merle which accounts for the one blue eye and one brown eye. He came to TCCR as many of our dogs do— as a result of the poor economy. Buck gets on well with other dogs and with cats. He has a sweet temperament; likes to cuddle; knows his commands. Despite his age, he is in good health. His thyroid is on the low side and is on an inexpensive medication to correct it.

AIDEN is a 7 year old male sable Rough Collie. He lived outside in an enclosure, before coming into the program. He is well behaved in the house, and is house broken. You can leave him alone. Aiden is trustworthy.

He is good with cats and dogs. He is affectionate and likes to be around people. He is very good with children. He will also do well with older adults. If you are looking for a loving addition to your family, Aiden is a good choice.

JACK is a male sable merle of about 3 years old.

We believe that Jack was an outdoor farm collie. When he arrived, he weighed in at a mere 40 pounds, but was not potty trained, knew absolutely no commands and “city noises” were very alarming to him. This loving boy quickly adapted and showed us how smart he is. He is now completely potty trained, knows his basic commands, gets along with other dogs, and is very sweet and easy going.

When introduced to new situations he can be a bit cautious but ultimately places his trust in his family.

SANDY is a 9 yr. old Sable Female, Rough Coat currently shaved. She is a real sweetheart of a girl, a little timid until she adjusts to new surroundings. She loves lots of attention which she deserves.

ROWDY is an 11 month male smooth collie(?) He is full of energy and loves to play. He gets along with other dogs and cats. Rowdy is affectionate and enjoys being with children. Rowdy is a fast learner. When you do have to correct him he listens. He does well on a leash. Rowdy is working on his commands. Rowdy is a work in progress, he should be crated when left alone. It would be beneficial for Rowdy to be enrolled in obedience school with his new owner.

LUCKY is a 9 year old Sable and white male Collie, turned in by his owner, a product of the economy. Lucky is housebroken, good with cats and other dogs, good on a leash, and loves to ride in the car. He knows most of his commands and is very obedient. If you can see it in your heart to consider this lovely senior dog, you won’t regret it.

ASHLEY is an 11-ish collie found as a stray. She is a calm girl with a great disposition. Good with other dogs, cats and people.

HOLLY, a sable female about 2 years old, is very sweet and friendly with everyone. She can be a bit independent, probably due to lack of training. She needs to learn to listen; some training and bonding with someone would probably do it. She listens well when “cookies” are involved, but can just ignore you without the treats. She is good in the house with moderate exercise, and she can be a counter surfer.

Holly is ok with cats. She can be a bit dominant with dominant dogs but is great with the13 week old sheltie in the fosterhome. Again, she just needs to know the dominance thing is not allowed and needs an owner who is willing to spend the time to firmly but gently train her.

LAD is a 5 year old mahogany sable rough collie. He is affectionate and gentle good with children and other pets. He also would do well with an older person. Lad knows basic commands and is trustworthy left alone. Lad stays off the furniture and is happy to rest at your feet. On a personnel note Lad is remarkable to me. My mother has Alzheimer’s. She left the house without my knowledge. Lad began barking going to the front door. I checked to see why. I saw my mother walking down the street. I was so grateful he alerted me. Lad does have a low maintenance issue. Lad has skin allergies and needs inexpensive medication daily. He will probably have this problem for the rest of his life. But for the small inconvenience he will make up for it with love and companionship.

LASSIE is a beautiful sable and white 12 year old collie. She came from a household where neglect was a way of life. She is good with young kids and loves to tell you about her day. When she arrived at her foster home, her coat was so matted it took the groomer 5 hours to bath and de-tangle that coat. Lassie loves to be where you are and though she was a little chubby, her new diet is doing nicely to take off the extra weight. She likes cats and other dogs, though she would be best as an only dog or possibly a two dog household. Lassie will stand and be groomed for hours— she loves the attention. Lassie’s day consits of eating sleeping and being loved. She is spayed, up to date on all of her vaccinations and is heartworm negative. Think about this classy Lassie when looking for a Collie to brighten your home.

MOLLY is a 6 year old sable merle with a long, thick coat. She has some of the features of all merles; the back of her ears have freckles and she has one blue eye and one brown eye. Very distinctive! Molly has a wonderful personality, is affectionate and like all collies, loves attention. She’s good with children, does well with other dogs. She is totally fascinated with the cat–will follow then nuzzle her.

Molly is trustworthy when left alone. She likes to be vocal and expresses herself often. Molly does have a low maintenance issue in that she needs inexpensive medication daily for a thyroid problem. She was loved very much by her original owner and circumstances forced her to give Molly up. Now she needs a new family that will love and care for her.

BEAUTY is an 11 year old sable (now shaved!) female.

MIKE is a 6 year old sable/mahogany male. He is a very sweet boy! He loves people and enjoys giving lots of love to his people. Mike enjoys his stuffed animal toys, bones, being outside and food! Mike weighed in at 100 lbs when he saw his new vet with his foster mom when he was turned in to Collie Rescue. He is now on a strict diet with limited treats and regular exercise and walks. Speaking of walks, Mike loves to walk on a leash around the neighborhood. He does this exceptionally well! He doesn’t pull and stays right next to his foster mom. Mike also likes to play outside with his collie foster brother and other foster family dogs. He gets along great with his foster feline brothers as well. He really doesn’t pay the cats any attention as all. There is not an aggressive bone in Mike. He just loves people and other dogs. Mike does have a full, gorgeous coat like Lassie from days of old which requires weekly grooming (at a minimum). He is very good while being brushed. Grooming is a relaxing activity at night in front of the TV for Mike and his foster mom.

MEAGAN is a mahogany sable female, playful and spirited at 10 years young. She still enjoys playing and can maneuver stairs easily. There is no problem when she is left alone (not crated) and gets on well with the other dogs and the cats in the household. She can, however, be a bit “talkative” if left outdoors a bit too long. Meagan was found as a stray, was badly in need of grooming and suffering from a flea allergy. A day at the spa along with some flea treatment and preventative from the vet took care of her problems. She’s recovering nicely now.

Yes, he looks like a puppy, but FARLEY is really 9 years young. He is a tri-colored Collie with a very short coat. He was shaved prior to being turned in by his owner who could no longer keep him due to her work situation. Farley is a prince in the car and on a leash. He is used to long walks. He’s a perfect gentleman in the house; gets along with other dogs AND cats. If you are looking for a wonderful, laid back companion, who just wants to love and hang out with his family.

This is CANDY. She’s a very young 5 years old who loves to play and run around with people and other dogs. She listens well and learns new things very quickly. She is very good with our cats and little dog, but gets into occasional trouble trying to play with them – she does not seem to know how big she is! She has no health issues, other than “collie nose” – she needs sunblock on her nose every morning before she goes for her walk and some Vitamin E at night to help it heal.

Candy is good with children and friendly with new people once she gets to know them. She has a big loud bark and makes a wonderful watch dog, but does not bark excessively. She is very affectionate and wants to be a lap dog, but she really doesn’t fit in my lap!! She knows what “off” means – but insists on checking every day to make sure that the silly “no collies in my lap” rule still applies. She’s a lot of fun, and a great companion.

ELLA is a one-year old smooth tri-color female collie. Ella is shy at first, but once she gains your trust, she blossoms. She likes playing with toys and taking walks. She is good with other animals. Ella is also comfortable with her car rides. She is good with older children. Smaller children frighten her.

ENOCH, is a 9 year old blue smooth male collie. He is a very handsome dog. He is a perfect gentleman, listens well, knows several commands and loves people and other animals. You could not find a nicer dog. He was adopted from a shelter in Nevada six years ago and owner turned in this time through no fault of his own. He is on phenobarbitol (an inexpensive medication) that completely controls his seizures (we don’t believe he had seizures often before starting medication).

BUCKLEY is approximately 4 years old, neutered and an ALMOST smooth collie. He is very skittish from being tied outside most of his life, but is getting used to lawn sprinklers, rollerbladers, bicyclists, the hair dryer, etc. Buckley needs a home where he will be the only dog and his owner/s are home more often than not.

BONNIE is a 3 year old girl who came with her sister, from the same owner, who loved and cared for them. But the owner died and the girls were given to TCCR to find new loving homes for them.

Bonnie is very affectionate and outgoing. She loves to be around people, is well behaved and knows her basic commands. She does well with other dogs. With cats she likes to play and chase them. We have been working with her on that and she is doing better. Bonnie likes to be around children but would also do well with an older person. Bonnie loves to cuddle and be next to you. She would make a wonderful companion.

My name is LASSIE and I am 8 years old. I came to Collie Rescue because my owner died of cancer and nobody wanted me for some reason. I am a VERY good girl! I know how to sit, stay, and come when called. I stay off the furniture and enjoy being groomed and petted. I am overweight because I got too many treats from my owner before she passed away. So, I am on a strict diet and am really good about getting my daily walks in for exercise. I am good on a leash! I love being with people and get along great with animals of all species. I’ve lived with cats, dogs, reptiles and rodents! If you like to travel, I’m your gal because I am well behaved in the car – it actually makes me sleepy.

LUCY is a pretty, petite 4 year old Tri Color female collie with special needs. She has Addison’s Disease and will require moderately priced medications daily the rest of her life. However, given her medications regularly, she should be able to live a fairly normal life.

Lucy is a sweet, happy, intelligent dog who loves attention and tummy rubs. She is timid at first meetings, but later warms up. She is good with cats and enjoys not only playing with other dogs but also looking to them for guidance and protection. She responds to structure.

Zoe, a nine-year old female, rough collie. I’m very affectionate. Let’s see, what else can I tell you about myself? My color is what foster mom calls blue merle. Let me explain what that means. I’m beautiful. I’m not braggin’. Foster mom says I’m beautiful and I believe her.

I’ve been lucky to have had wonderful humans in my life. I came from a very loving home, but my owner had to go into assisted living. I miss my mom, but I have adjusted well to my foster family. There is a younger boy here for me to play with. He is way cool because he takes me out in the yard and we run and play and then run and play some more. I may be nine, but I’m a very energetic nine, and I can keep up with the young ‘uns just fine.

My foster people take me on walks, which I just love. I’m also good on a leash, on car rides, and with other dogs. I also know my basic commands. So, basically, I’m perfect. (That really does sound like I’m bragging, doesn’t it? Sorry about that.)

There is one other interesting thing about me. I enjoy following cats around. Yes, I know that sounds a bit odd, but I’m just curious as to what they will do. I would never hurt them, though. Remember, I’m affectionate.

So, that’s me in a nutshell…affectionate, beautiful, and perfect. If you need some affection, beauty, and perfection in your life, I would love to be the one to give it to you.

HOLLY is a very pretty 3 year old. She is well behaved and knows basic commands, is very affectionate but somewhat shy and a little reserved.

Holly likes to be with children but also would do well with an older person.

She would benefit by being with someone who is home most of the time and would not do well left alone for long periods of time. She does well with cats or dogs. Holly has a mild case of ” collie nose” or more technically “nasal solar dermatitis ” meaning that Holly is sensitive to excess sunlight on her nose due to light pigmentation in that area. This is something that can be controlled by limiting her time out in the sun; sunblock and a simple vitamin regimen is also very helpful. A physical, above-ground fence at her adopting home is a requirement. Holly would be a loving addition to your family.