Rainbow Bridge

Some Collies and Shelties come into our lives and change us in some way because of a particular trait or behavior.  Some are exceptionally loving or loyal; some are goofy and remain puppies for life. Some are simply “the best dog I ever had.”  

 Please join us in memorializing your Collie or Sheltie.  If you would like to see your Collie or Sheltie here, please e-mail a photo(s) and text with your tribute to memorials@collierescue.com.  We will include your pictures and text at the next available update. 

Please consider a donation to Tri-County Collie Rescue as a memorial to your Collie or Sheltie and as a way to assist TCCR in its rescue efforts.  Click HERE to donate to TCCR.

Please click below to see the Collies and Shelties that have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.