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posted Jan 22, 2016, 1:48 PM by Christa McElroy
Erin McClellan's Star:

In 2001, I adopted Star from a wonderful lady who had too many collies, and needed to find her a home. As a little girl, I had loved watching ‘Lassie’ and had always wanted a collie of my own to be my best friend and be my best companion. My mother and I looked all over for the perfect collie. When we found Star, we knew she would be the perfect addition to our family. Star fit in with our family right away although she was nervous of her surroundings. This would end up being an 11-year best friendship that I couldn’t even dream of letting go. She was with me everyday, making me the happiest owner ever. Star knew when I was upset and always comforted me with her cute nose, placing it on my leg to know that she knew how I felt, and she didn’t like me being upset. I was never very social in high school but, I didn’t mind. Star always kept me company and helped me through everything. During high school, she stopped being able to go up the stairs to sleep with me. This is when the start of her problems began. Of course, I grew up and got married, moved out of my parents' house, and started to live the grown-up life. Star would be at my parents' house, waiting for me to come home and give her some hugs and kisses. I thought about her everyday and how much I missed her.

One day my mother contacted me and told me that she thought there was something wrong with Star. She was not going to the bathroom anymore and when she did, it was not a lot. Star would stay in the same place in the house all day because it hurt her to get up. Her back legs had no more strength and her hips would not cooperate with her. Star was never the dog that would whimper but, one night, she did. It went on all night and this is when we knew that our 11-year old friend was not happy with her life anymore. Once we saw Star not eating, sleeping good, or being able to get up from one spot to another, we all knew (including our vet) that it was time for her to be free of her pain.

The day we went to take Star to the vet was the hardest day of my life. I didn’t know if I was strong enough to go through with this and watch her leave this earth. Staying with Star until her last day was the best decision I ever made, and I wouldn’t take it back. I was her owner, and was with her to the very end like best friends should be. I told her “It’s okay, girl. You can go.” and she did. It has been three months, and it is still hard writing about it but I wanted people to know one thing about collies. Collies are the best thing that a child can grow up with. They will be your companion, best friend, protector and one of the best things to enter your life. Every day with Star was a new adventure, and I will never forget my best friend of ten years. She was truly a blessing and I thank God he put her in my life. I miss you StarBaby. More and more everyday.