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posted Jan 22, 2016, 1:01 PM by Christa McElroy
We put our beloved Simon down at 12 + yrs. last September. He is the final one in 40 years of being owned by a number of other collies. He came to me on 9/11, a day that didn’t faze him as he waited at the groomers/vets, to go to his new home. He was a very tall, long puppy of 18 months who had been overlooked by his breeders who kept him as a playmate for his dominant brother.

We have never had a dog of any kind, let alone a collie, who was not a gift of joy and happiness. Simon, who was named Boots in his early days, grew into a gorgeous pet quality boy, who never met a person or animal he didn’t like. He gave rides to very young grandchildren who still talk about them and stood guard as they slept at Grandma and Grandpa’s until he no longer could climb the stairs.

His most favorite place in the world was the cottage in Harrisville, on Lake Huron. The last month of his earthly days, we took him to the cottage, knowing the long drive would be hard for him but that he would want to visit his lake and all the smells he loved so much, one last time. He is still missed by the cats and his little chihuahua buddy. When the time is right, we want to foster a collie and help prepare him or her for a wonderful life with a family who will love him or her as much as we love Simon and all the others who came before him (Nicky, Stewy, Sydney, Tweede, Pearl and Suzie Renae). You will never know such happiness if you never endure the terrible sadness that comes after, but it is worth it and we would do it over and over again to know animals of such perfect love.