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posted Jan 22, 2016, 1:38 PM by Christa McElroy
The Buescher's Roxy:

We got our beautiful Roxy in December, 1996.

Monica Glinski sent us to visit Roxy who was being fostered by Barb Rose. Roxy was a beautiful six-month old, rough sable girl who, after originally being purchased from a breeder, had been abused and neglected.

Roxy (original name “Kirsty”-my daughter said she needed a new “tough”-sounding name to help give her confidence) thankfully ended up with TCCR. When we visited her, she was very frightened of pretty much everyone and everything, with the exception of other animals. Barb and Monica both made sure we understood that Roxy would never be quite a “normal” dog and that gaining her confidence would be a long process. Being a sincerely pet-loving family, we were willing to take on the challenge. It was an effort to be sure, but our sweet Roxy made all the patience we exerted more than worth the effort.

Our overly confident male maltese, Scooter, adored Roxy as much as we did! Roxy was quick to pick up cues from him on what to do and who to trust. Monica came by to watch Roxy’s behavior and give us some pointers on dealing with her fears.

We took Roxy to the TCCR Collie Day at the Park the following August. She loved seeing all of the other collies. You could tell that she knew she was amongst her own kind and thoroughly enjoyed it! We took a great picture of her at the picnic and Roxy ended up being the poster girl for TCCR for awhile.

My husband loved Roxy dearly and he was definitely her favorite. The following summer, he took a picture of her to a tattoo parlor and had her face/head tattooed on his bicep! I couldn’t believe he’d done it – he said, “Roxy will always be with me now.” That’s the only tattoo my husband has ever had.

We eventually got another dog, a mutt my husband found by Tiger Stadium. Another male dog joined our household. Roxy was definitely the “Queen” and top dog in our house! It was wonderful to see her true personality and confidence come out when she was interacting with other dogs. Our three dogs had lots of fun together over the years!

We had many other animals during the years: rabbits, ducks, cats, guinea pigs, you name it! Roxy was wonderful with all of them; she was always gentle and kind. Roxy was also amazingly intelligent. I would have loved to have seen just how much she could have learned if her fears hadn’t held her back.We had to say goodbye to Roxy on September 5. Old age had caught up with her and there was nothing more that could be done for her. Roxy was still fairly spunky up until the last ten days and was as beautiful as ever right to the end.

Roxy never was quite a “normal” dog; she was so much more than that.