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posted Jan 22, 2016, 8:31 AM by Christa McElroy   [ updated May 7, 2020, 9:56 AM ]
When I first saw Rocco, I thought he was just so beautiful, a white collie with a tri-color head and a black spot on his right side (soon to be known as his Snoopy spot). He came into the rescue as Salt with his tricolor brother, Pepper. I renamed him Rocco, after my grandfather.

Rocco was my first collie and he was the sweetest, most gentle creature I've ever met. He never did anything wrong...ever. He was never pushy. If he ever wanted anything, he would just come up to me and stare. Occasionally, he would tap me with his paw, but most
of the time, he would just stare and wait.

He very rarely barked, never at passers-by, neighbors or the mailman. Everyone was his friend. If he did bark, it was when I would come home from work and he would bark and bark for me. Sometimes he actually howled until I came into the house.
But once he greeted me at the door, he was quiet again.

Everyone who ever met him first commented on how beautiful he was and, second, what a good, sweet dog he was. He was so laid back. He loved children, other dogs and even cats. He became best friends with a co-worker's collie and when they spent time together, they would just stare at each other.

As the years went by as an only child, I got him a little friend, a yorkie mix. She would get in his face and try to rile him up and he never snapped or growled at her. He would just try to get away from her. I would have to tell her to leave him alone because he would never put her in her place.

If there is such a thing as angels on earth, I was blessed to have one in my life. I always told him he was my angel, and now he's heaven's new angel.  I will always love and miss you, Rocco my sweet boy.