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posted Jan 22, 2016, 1:36 PM by Christa McElroy
Gretchen Alaniz's Ozzie:

Ozzie came to me as a foster boy when he was around two years old, a 4th of July stray (fireworks!). He was adopted by a family, but after a year, he was returned – he no longer fit into their new lifestyle (mid-life crisis!). I readily admit that I was secretly glad they brought him back. I let him go once, but I wasn’t letting go again.

At almost 100 lbs, he was a beautiful big boy with one ear up and one ear down, giving him such a charming look. He loved everyone, even those that thought he was a greyhound-doberman mix (I know!). He had the sense of humor and inquisitiveness often talked about with smooths, learning to open both doors and then windows (we had locked the doors) and to say “I Love You”. He loved other small animals, but he loved skunks above all others (unfortunately).

I’ll never forget the day his “come see what I found” barking drew me outside and there he was standing over three racoon babies that had fallen out of the 40 foot maple. For one night, he was daddy to five baby racoons.

His favorite treat was bread and he always knew when it was time for his bedtime treat. He hated hardwood floors, loved walks in the park, and always tried to eat bees. His favorite toy was a stuffed horse. All are maybe silly things to remember, but those are things all Ozzie.

Heading towards 15 years of age, he has been a joy to me in so many ways, my pal, my best listener. Since May, he started to really have problems, loosing all his muscle tone in his back legs and having so much trouble walking. It was finally too much to watch him struggle and lose his interest in all things doggy. He will be missed. I know many of you have been through this as well. It never gets easier, but I wouldn’t ever trade having Ozzie in my life to avoid the pain of letting him go.

See you later, pal.