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posted Jan 22, 2016, 1:20 PM by Christa McElroy
Freddie: Loved by Kathy and Stan Gralewski and Deborah, Dave and Stephanie Fargo

So long, Freddie.

What could a dog tell you about life and survival on the streets of Detroit? This is where Freddie was found wandering by the Detroit Humane Society. Pegi Hack picked him up and he became our foster collie. We soon learned that Freddie did what he could to survive, like surf, as in counter tops. He would help himself to butter, pizza in a box, chocolate cake, whatever.

One day when he wanted water, he went in the bathroom and lifted up the toilet seat with his head to drink water out of the bowl. (We learned to keep the bathroom door closed). Yep, that was “Self Serve Fred”.

Freddie, was a name no one really liked, but the only one he would answer to. He was adopted by Kathy & Stan Gralewski, who gave him a wonderful home. Freddie, whose gums were unusually large, found comfort in a new home with a lab mix named Cody. Freddie, who had Stan wrapped around his paw, could do no wrong. If there were hot dog buns missing from on top of the counter or pillows thrown off the couch, Kathy would ask Stan if Freddie did it. Of course, he would say, “Why do you think Freddie did it?” In the two short years they had Freddie, he lived a lifetime. Freddie succumbed to liver problems, hip problems and had a stroke! His life was cut short two weeks ago . He will be greatly missed by Kathy & Stan, and us as well, his foster parents. But we know full well that our dearly departed Pegi, was there to greet him once again, at the Rainbow Bridge.