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posted Jan 22, 2016, 1:29 PM by Christa McElroy
The Guastella's Delta:

Delta Dawg…

Nine years ago we adopted Delta, who was already almost one year-old at the time. A beautiful sable collie, she was found wandering around the Delta air terminal at Metro Airport. She was thus named appropriately. Initially, we thought a collie was much too large and too hairy, so we were a bit reluctant to adopt one. After a couple of bad dog experiences, our trainer insisted that this was a wise choice for a family pet.

This gentle giant captured the hearts of adults and children alike. Even people, who didn’t like dogs, discovered that they liked Delta. Friendly to a fault, she did not have a mean or aggressive bone in her body…unless, of course, you were a rabbit. She protected us from the dangerous bunnies every spring season with her incessant barking, making sure the rabbits stayed out of our yard. No one entered our home without being greeted and nudged until they would return the greeting to Delta.

She loved to sit outside under a shady tree while my husband washed the car or while I worked in the garden. She would “herd” our three children to keep them together while they played and she always wanted to be around the family.

Delta was so much more than just a dog; she truly was a member of our family. She succumbed to a form of lung cancer this past April, which was producing holes in her lungs and causing her lungs to collapse. We tried, unsuccessfully, to get her through this. At almost ten years old, she still had a lot of puppy left in her. Playful and loving, she was wagging her tail right up 'til the end. Our hearts are broken with the loss of Delta and she will be missed.