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posted Jan 22, 2016, 1:14 PM by Christa McElroy

This is a picture of Caleb. Caleb came into TCCR’s life in 2002 when a woman found him after being hit by a car. She was kind enough to have him seen and worked on by a veterinarian. Once he got better, the woman adopted Caleb out to a family under the auspices of TCCR. Late in 2005, TCCR received a message that Caleb could no longer live with that family.

 We found Caleb in dismal condition–his coat was matted, he had an infection on his skin, he was underweight, and he could barely walk on the hardwood floors because of all the hair between his toes. Of course, Caleb got cleaned up right away, thanks to the groomers at the Dog’s Bow Wow.

Caleb lived with his foster home for a couple of months, but never gained enough strength or weight back. In the end, Caleb lost the ability to walk, and it was determined that he had cancer of some type. The sad decision to let him go was made. Caleb will always be remembered by his foster family for his gentle manner and sweet disposition.