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posted Jan 22, 2016, 1:24 PM by Christa McElroy
Matthew and Lisa's Angus:

This is Angus.

Matthew and Lisa Trevethan adopted him in August of 2001 after Pegi Hack looked them up and down and said “I have the perfect dog for you.” What we saw was the tallest and heaviest collie we’ve ever seen.

Angus was almost a head taller than all the other dogs at the park and was a muscular 100 pounds of love. He fit perfectly with his tall “mom” and muscular “dad”. We always said that Angus picked us, not the other way around. While at that collie picnic that we first met him, he leaned up against us (the collie hug) as if to say, “Pegi, I pick these two.”

Angus had many loves- his cats who he guarded like they were his own. If there were a spat between the cats, he would rush up between them to keep the peace. He loved sourdough bread, and would sneak behind us like a ninja to obtain his prize. Most of all he loved the family cottage in Harrisville, MI on Lake Huron. Our beach had many places for Angus to walk and dart his nose in the long beach grass. He smiled and played with such passion, echoing that wonderful collie bark up and down the shore. Angus was a lion of a dog that didn’t know the word quit, and even as his body failed him, his mind only knew how to please and love. Everyone whose life he touched will miss him.