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posted Jun 7, 2017, 7:34 AM by Christa McElroy

A word about TCCR’s Hospice Program.

Sometimes a Collie will come into our rescue program and is considered not adoptable.  TCCR is blessed to have Foster Parents willing to care for these dogs for the remainder of their lives, as we believe they should have the opportunity to live out the time they have left in a loving home environment. Medical expenses are paid by the rescue with your help in donations.

“Pepper”, a 13yr. old, Tri-Color Rough Female, has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia and is part of our Hospice Program. In addition to her mobility issue and the physical assistance required, she is also hearing impaired but doing well learning hand signals. Pepper has been in TCCR’s care for 2 years now, and is living out her remaining time, comfortably at Uncle Neil's Home for Senior Collies.