Hospice Care Program

A word about TCCR’s Hospice Care Program.

Sometimes a Collie or Sheltie will come into our rescue program and is considered not adoptable.  TCCR is blessed to have Foster Families willing to care for these dogs for the remainder of their lives, as we believe they should have the opportunity to live out the time they have left in a loving home environment.  Medical expenses are paid by the rescue with your help in donations.

Listed below are Collies and Shelties in the TCCR Hospice Care Program.  These Collies and Shelties are terminally ill or too ill or aged to adopt.  Therefore, they will live out their days under the loving care of a TCCR hospice foster parent.  They will receive abundant love and all the medical attention they need, not to mention lots of spoiling and petting.

Medical costs for these patients are very high.  If you would like to sponsor one of the following hospice patients, please send an email to contact@collierescue.com.  In return, you will receive pictures and updates of your sponsored Collie or Sheltie. Thanks to everyone who has supported and continues to support TCCR.  We couldn't do it without you!


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Due to severe and complicated medical issues, Desi has been moved to hospice care and will be well taken care of by TCCR for his lifetime.  Desmond is a Sable colored Rough Collie. Date of birth:  Thanksgiving 2010. He spent his first seven years with a senior gentleman who passed away suddenly,  leaving him an 'orphan' if you will, and homeless.  Desi is tall, long, and weighs 90 pounds.   He is a very smart, sweet, loving, and playful boy who is housetrained, crate trained and gorgeous!  He is also an excellent watchdog.  

Desi has now found a forever home with TCCR where his medical needs can be met.


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