Helping TCCR

Do you love Collies and Shelties?

Would you like to assist at Collie Rescue Events?  (We always need help selling TCCR merchandise, setting up and tearing down at events.)
 - We have an Annual Garage Sale in April. 
 - We have the Annual Collie Day in the Park in August.
 - We attend the Annual Collie Specialty Show the end of February/beginning of March.
 - We attend The Gathering at Sunnybank in Wayne, NJ in August.
 - We also have various other Public Appearances throughout the year at Pet Events.

Would you like to foster for TCCR?
Would you be able to transport dogs?
Would you like become a member of TCCR?
Would you be able to check local Shelters for Collies/Shelties?
Would you be able to do Home/Yard checks?
Would you be able to do Fundraising?
Would you be able to do Publicity?
Would you be able to do Website Design?

Do you have any special skills/talents you would like to share with TCCR?
 - Are you an artist?
 - Are you a dog groomer?
 - Are you a dog trainer?
 - Etc.

Check out the following pages for more information on how YOU can help !!!