Without the help and support of our wonderful foster families and volunteers, TCCR could not rescue and find homes for Collies and Shelties in need. We are especially in need of foster parents. The more foster parents we have, the more Collies and Shelties we can help. TCCR pays for all expenses relating to the foster dogs, except for their food.

If fostering isn't for you, there are lots of other ways to volunteer. Some examples are working at events such as Collie Day in the Park, Petco appearances, pet expos, and far off outings such as the Collie Nationals or Sunnybank in New Jersey (trips are tax deductible!). We need people to set up and tear down displays or sell merchandise at these events. Sometimes Collies and Shelties are needed at these events as well, so that we have a large representation of Collies and Shelties (parades, expos, etc.). You could just bring your Collie and/or Sheltie and hang out with us!

Some other examples include transports or partial transports of incoming Collies and Shelties to their foster homes, potential adopter home/yard checks, and attendance at Meetings for fund-raising brainstorming ideas. Do you have a special talent? Let us know that as well. I'm sure we can somehow put it to use to help the Collies and Shelties!

To become a foster parent, please contact our Adoption Coordinator, Mary, at 734-671-9373 or

To volunteer in other ways, please contact

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