posted Jan 24, 2016, 1:42 PM by Christa McElroy

TYSON is a beautiful blue merle about 2 years old. TCCR bailed him out of a shelter after he was dumped there by his third owner. Beyond that, we can only guess at his history. He doesn’t seem to know many commands, but is learning quickly since his fosterpersons are working to teach him. So perhaps no one took the time to train him. He gets along well with the other dogs and the cats in the home, but doesn’t readily run and play with them (maybe he was an only dog). He walks nicely on a leash; he’s pretty laid back for a 2 year old dog which is a good thing because he’s a large sized collie. He will seek out the company of his fosterpersons for his fair share of attention. Tyson seems to find everything a novelty, as if he didn’t get out much before to see the world.