posted Jan 24, 2016, 1:34 PM by Christa McElroy

SEGER is a two year old rough coat white/merle collie. He is a young guy that came to us with another collie, Tyler, from a shelter where they were brought in as strays. His coat was so neglected that they had to shave him. After two weeks, his peach fuzz is finally growing into something that someday will be a beautiful white coat able to keep him warm on his daily walks. In the meantime, he wears a polar fleece coat. Seger follows anyone around the house if he thinks he can get attention – a real “velcro” collie. He has learned the “sit” command and we are working on walking on a leash. His house manners are a bit rough and a crate is helpful in controlling his puppy-like exuberance. He is housebroken and does bark when he wants to go out. Seger loves his squeaky toys and will play tug until your arm will fall off. Seger has a ton of energy and needs a family that can keep up with him and as well, have the patience to train him.