posted Jan 24, 2016, 1:13 PM by Christa McElroy
MIKE is a 6 year old sable/mahogany male. He is a very sweet boy! He loves people and enjoys giving lots of love to his people. Mike enjoys his stuffed animal toys, bones, being outside and food! Mike weighed in at 100 lbs when he saw his new vet with his foster mom when he was turned in to Collie Rescue. He is now on a strict diet with limited treats and regular exercise and walks. Speaking of walks, Mike loves to walk on a leash around the neighborhood. He does this exceptionally well! He doesn’t pull and stays right next to his foster mom. Mike also likes to play outside with his collie foster brother and other foster family dogs. He gets along great with his foster feline brothers as well. He really doesn’t pay the cats any attention as all. There is not an aggressive bone in Mike. He just loves people and other dogs. Mike does have a full, gorgeous coat like Lassie from days of old which requires weekly grooming (at a minimum). He is very good while being brushed. Grooming is a relaxing activity at night in front of the TV for Mike and his foster mom.