posted Aug 30, 2015, 7:19 PM by Zachary King   [ updated Dec 13, 2015, 9:07 PM ]

Hello, my name is Lucy. I'm an approximately 2-year old, tri-color Australian shepherd/border collie mix. I’m about 65 pounds of solid muscle. I can sit, lay down, sit pretty (sit-up), dance, shake paws, and come when called . I'm going to obedience classes and learning to heel along with other things they are teaching me. I love belly rubs and I like to chew on rawhide bones and stuffed animals. I ride really well in the car. I love to look out the front window of the house and let everyone know I see them. I also get along well and play with my three collie brothers. I do take charge of my "brothers" as I am the leader of the "pack".

I’m not dog food/treat/toy aggressive, and I share with my "brothers". I do love to counter-surf if something smells good, and I beg for people food because I’ve had it before and I prefer it over my dog food. My foster parents don’t let me have any now, and I’m not very happy about it.

I have jumped a 32" doggy gate once when I really, really wanted to visit with some people who were visiting my foster family, but that was the only time. When my foster family leaves the house, they lock me in the bathroom (instead of a crate) with food/water/toys, and other than complaining for a few minutes, I just settle down and accept it and don’t do anything bad.

My foster parents agree that I am very lovable/affectionate and I like to give them hugs around their neck. I don't really like small dogs or female dogs. My foster parents don't know if I'm good around cats or other animals. They also say I’m headstrong and that I will need an adopter who has a firm, but loving hand. Is that you?