posted Jan 21, 2016, 3:55 PM by Christa McElroy   [ updated Jan 21, 2016, 3:56 PM ]
This is Jamie. She is a mahogany, 3-year-old, female rough collie. She has a sweet temperament and came from the same owner as Laci.

To begin with the only negative, and it is a stretch to call it a negative, she is vocal. When she has something to say, she says it. It is most likely because she needs to go outside. It also may mean she needs water or wants to play. She will also talk to you if you are playing, but not with her. She starts out with this ultra-cute inside voice, but if you don't pay attention, she gets progressively louder and this bark is shrill. Sometimes her foster parents call her Bob (as in Bob Barker).

Now for the positives. She is very, very close to perfect. Wherever her people are, that's where she expects to be. She loves car rides. She is great as a potty guard.

Jamie's indoor demeanor is great. She has very good manors and generally doesn't counter surf. She doesn't try to get on the furniture, but the furniture isn't large enough for her to be on anyway.

She doesn't realize she is a larger dog. She tends to overwhelm small people and small animals. She has a large quantity of puppy in her yet. It is unknown how she would be with cats.

The list goes on and on. Jamie would do well in any number of good homes, but, honestly, she deserves a perfect fit and that includes a home where she is not just a cool pet, but a family member. She needs loads of attention (including conversation) for her optimum mental benefit. She needs more than being petted and going on nice walks to thrive. She is a "companion"in the strictest definition of the word.