posted Jan 21, 2016, 4:30 PM by Christa McElroy
Hey, everyone. My name is Lady, short for Ladybug! I was named by one of the little people in my foster family. I’m a sable and white, approximately 10-year-old, smooth collie girl. I’m a lucky girl at that. I was found by someone north of Saginaw who tried for ten days to find my owners. That person turned me over to the Midland County Humane Society where someone gave TCCR a call. When my foster parents picked me up, I was ultra skinny and had crap (excuse my language, after all, my name is Lady) in my eyes the consistency of Elmer’s glue, but green as grass. I also had blood in my stool. Soon after that, I began vomiting clear liquid with fresh blood. When I went to the hospital, I found out I had THREE different types of worms and an eye infection.

So, I decided right then and there, I was going to beat this stuff and you know what? I’m doing it!! I have another round of worm treatment to go, but those nasty worms really aren’t an issue anymore. I’m putting on weight and eating well. This food stuff is pawsome! I’ve been to the groomer (didn’t really care for the nail cutting, though) and now I am beautiful and I know it!! I totally don’t look ten. I look younger and I feel younger, too, because I run the fenceline, chasing the neighbor’s dog, and she’s fast! I am a very different dog in the house, though, and move very slowly. I don’t want to break anything, plus foster Mom and Dad don’t think I’m used to being in a house. I haven’t told them yet if I am or if I’m not.

Let’s see, what else can I tell you about me? I’m great with people and other dogs. I much prefer little people, though, and won’t leave my little one’s side. I rub against people’s legs like I’m a cat. Also, when I greet people, I position my head so that I receive an obligatory kiss on the top of my forehead!

My foster parents say I’m a joy to have around and they have nothing negative to say about me. I’m house-trained, but I have no other training (although my little person is working miracles with me). I ride fabulous in the car, plus I’m kinda small, so I don’t take up a lot of room. Oh, and one more thing, I don’t bark.