posted Jan 20, 2016, 4:48 AM by Zachary King   [ updated Jan 20, 2016, 4:48 AM ]
Laddie came to TCCR as a stray. He’s a petite, tri-color collie boy, approximately 1 ½ years old. After he puts on some more weight, he will get neutered, so he's currently under a medical hold. He’s a real lover, and wants to be with his people or other dogs, unless it’s nap time, then he will find a little nook to curl up and sleep. He is extremely loving, sweet, and very affectionate. 

He does the "collie rub". He likes to rub against your head, and he will do it to other dogs as well. Laddie has finally started to play with his two collie brothers and Austrian shepherd sister. He prances and bounces when he gets excited during play, but he still gets tired quickly after a romp with the other dogs, as he came to us underweight. He is starting to play with toys a little, but is not really sure what to do with them. His "siblings" are teaching him, though. He doesn’t bother smaller animals; he just wants to play with everyone.

He will bark to let you know if he needs to go outside or if he thinks it’s time to be fed! He will share a water bowl (drink at the same time as other dogs in the house), but will push other dogs out of the way to get to their food (another by-product of being underweight). He has dumped the inside garbage can over searching for food, so his foster parents have had to put the can behind closed doors. He’s not a big fan of being brushed, but will tolerate it for a few minutes. However, he does fine with a bath.

He is like a flower waiting to blossom; his wonderful personality shows through more and more each day. This sweetheart is looking for his “fur”ever home … could it be with you?