Paris (2)

posted Jan 24, 2016, 8:09 AM by Christa McElroy
Hi, I’m “Paris”. My foster mom affectionately calls me “Evening in Paris” (probably because I’m so beautiful!). The vet thinks I’m about six years old. I’m a very gentle, sweet and smart collie! I try very hard to please. I’ve been in two homes before my foster home, but folks treated me pretty well and gave me some obedience training and housebreaking.

But, I hadn’t seen a vet in a long time. Now things are better! I’ve been spayed and all my vaccinations are up to date. I have a minor eye problem that the vet says is ‘benign’ but no other health problems. I didn’t get much food in my other home and, according to the vet, I was underweight. But I get LOTS to eat here and have two  other collies to play with. I used to climb up on the counters to get food but my foster mom says I don’t have to do that anymore, so I don’t. She says I’m “quick to learn.”

I love to run around the yard, but mostly I love to stay by my foster mom just in case she needs me to do anything. She calls me her ‘Velcro’ collie! I’d love to have a home where I could be the center of attention even though I get along with other dogs. I’m not sure what a “cat” is as we don’t have any here. I love to go for rides and used to go into a crate, too, but not here. If you’d like a sweet collie who’d give you all the love in the world, please contact my foster mom!

Update on Paris: I’ve had such a FUN day today! My foster mom and her granddaughter took me to a “Pet Day” at their local feed store. I was introduced to Alpaca’s, Llama’s, bunnies (boring!), goats, a pig, and even a miniature horse! I really liked all the different animals and my foster mom said I did r
eally good, not barking or getting upset with all the noise and different smells. And the tall furry, funny ones sure did SMELL! I met lots of other dogs too and so many people, big ones and little ones, petted me that I lost count. They all told my foster mom how beautiful I am, and of course she agreed! I shook hands and acted just like the lady I really am. I’ve put on some weight now and the vet says I’m SO healthy! Her granddaughter played with me and brushed me until my coat shown. No wonder everybody thinks I’m beautiful!