posted Jan 24, 2016, 8:14 AM by Christa McElroy

MATTHEW is a sweet, 8 year old Sable male that fell on hard times. The son put his dad in a nursing home so the daughter of the 90+ year old owner took her mom back to California for a visit before sending her home to Argentina….leaving Matthew tied up outside with the neighbor feeding him and taking him for the occasional walk!

Mattie (Matthew is just SO formal! <g>) is housebroken, current on shots, just neutered, loves kids, obviously does well with older folks and a little confused by the cat. He will sit and stare at the cat, then start to bark at her, never tries to chase her, but just can’t quite figure her out. He likes to be as close to me at all times as he can be. Mattie is no slouch though, he and my 2 year old “pup” race around the backyard playing tag and herding each other whenever they get outside. If you have room for a really sweet gentleman, take a look at Matthew!