posted Jan 24, 2016, 8:19 AM by Christa McElroy

COOPER is a beautiful blue merle who will be turning 10 years old in November. He’s a big boy at 88 lbs (could stand to lose a few) who is healthy and active. Taking walks and playing with his stuffed squeaky toys are his recreational outlets. Cooper is a gentle dog with his humans, loves hugs and being petted; he really enjoys the one-on-one attention and follows his people around like a good companion dog should. Since he has some show ring experience in his background, he is a dream to groom and handle. He’s a quiet dog having been debarked and should not bother neighbors as he cheers on the bicyclists and skateboarders that go by. The best home for Cooper would be as an only dog unless his new owner is very dog savvy and can handle the inevitable competition with other dogs.