posted Jan 24, 2016, 8:41 AM by Christa McElroy

BISCUIT will be 10 years old come May 8. We originally fostered him back in 2003 . He is a very friendly dog to all and doesn’t have a mean bone in him. If you want a loyal dog who will always be at your side and be your best friend, that’s Biscuit. He likes to talk to you when he wants attention and loves to go after the garden hose stream and comes out of it soaking wet . The only issue he has is the kitchen floor. We had to put down rugs so he could get across to the other room. Biscuit has had little training and needs someone to teach him some basic commands. His former owner became ill and had to move into an apartment a few years ago so he didn’t get a lot of exercise just out on a lead to do his business. He needs a home with a yard and exercise. Biscuit came back to us when his owner had to move into an assisted living home.