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Meet NELLIE, a Collie/Shepherd mix. While she carries something of the looks of the Shepherd, her personality is all collie — calm and gentle. Nellie was abandoned at a local veterinarian where she was brought up-to-date on all vaccinations and put on heartworm medication. She was a little underweight and shaky, but she is gaining weight and strength daily. She is walking a two mile walk without difficulty. Nellie’s age was originally estimated at 12 years, but we now think she is closer to the six year mark based on her teeth, strong coat, and general health.


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GUS is a seven-year-old tri-colored collie. He is up-to-date on all vaccines, is heartworm negative, and is a very sweet fellow. He gets along fine with other dogs and even tries to play with them. He is fine on walks and rides well in the car. Gus loves kids, he sleeps with our grandson when he stays over. He is very gentle, and loves our morning routine of a treat after being let out.

Gus has some issues however. He loves to escape and will run if given the chance. Gus was fostered by us four years ago and was the same sweet dog then. He was adopted by what we thought was a loving & caring family. When he arrived back here this June, he was Mr. Houdini dog. I don’t know what they did to him when they had him.

Gus needs a pretty secure containment system and someone who is dog savvy as he is a smart fellow who will gain your confidence and watch for his chance to escape.


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BISCUIT will be 10 years old come May 8. We originally fostered him back in 2003 . He is a very friendly dog to all and doesn’t have a mean bone in him. If you want a loyal dog who will always be at your side and be your best friend, that’s Biscuit. He likes to talk to you when he wants attention and loves to go after the garden hose stream and comes out of it soaking wet . The only issue he has is the kitchen floor. We had to put down rugs so he could get across to the other room. Biscuit has had little training and needs someone to teach him some basic commands. His former owner became ill and had to move into an apartment a few years ago so he didn’t get a lot of exercise just out on a lead to do his business. He needs a home with a yard and exercise. Biscuit came back to us when his owner had to move into an assisted living home.


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TUCKER is a 9 year old Tri-color male collie. This big boy is verys weet and has a gentle hearted spirit. He knows his commands and gets along well with dogs, cats, birds, horses, rabbits and even goats! He especially loves children that are approximately 10 years and older.


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CAETO is 4 year old rough mahogany sable female. The first thing that comes to mind when describing Caeto, is that she is very sweet and loving. Once she gets used to her surroundings, she will get attached, will want to follow you, and lay at your feet.

Caeto is every bit a lady; she is housebroken, trustworthy when left alone, does very well with other pets like dogs cats and birds. Caeto knows basic commands and is good when walking on a leash. She also enjoys car rides. Caeto would do equally well with a young family with children or with an older adult.

She was loved by her previous family, but circumstances forced them to give her up. Caeto needs a second chance with a new family; could it be you?


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BRANDI-LYNN is a 6 year old Sable female who spent the last several months working to regain her health. She came to TCCR underweight, with allergy issues, and heartworm positive.

Brandi-Lynn was successfully treated for heartworm and will now be on preventative year-round. Her allergy concerns have been successfully treated with a commercially available allergy-free food, allergy medication, and thyroid medication. Because of these needs, we are looking for just the right family to welcome this special girl.

Brandi-Lynn is housetrained and trustworthy left loose when the family is not at home. She loves car rides, kitties, and other dogs. She is obedient and walks well on a leash.


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FINLEY is a 7 year old tri-color male Collie that was picked up as stray and spent some time in the dog pound. He likes other dogs, cats and kids, but he is still learning his manners and is a little over-enthusiastic. For that reason, he might not be a good fit for a home with small children as he could knock them down. Finley is housebroken and can be trusted not to destroy things in the home. He walks well on a leash and is a lot of fun, he loves chew toys and playing tug with you.

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