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Listed below are TCCR collies presently in the care of foster homes. These collies are under review for fitness and health. While every attempt is made to maintain and update the available collie profiles, TCCR cannot guarantee the availability or suitability of a collie for interested parties. Prior to adopting a TCCR collie, an application must be completed and approved. Interested families are encouraged to fill out an application as soon as possible.
TCCR has many dogs that do not make it to the webpage. That is because people who already have an active application with TCCR are given first chance at dogs as they come in. Fortunately, many dogs are adopted shortly after coming into the program. If you are interested in adopting a collie or sheltie from TCCR, please submit your application HERE. 


posted Aug 1, 2017, 3:03 PM by Christa McElroy

This medium size Collie-mix has just come into foster care, so not much is known about him.  The Vet guesses his age to be under ten.  He's been named "Andy" and is a friendly, mellow fellow who is interested in absolutely everything.  He's not destructive; just curious.  He's had some obedience training but could use more.  He appears to be housebroken.  He's happy to go on walks, and does well on leash with occasional reminders of where he's supposed to be.  He does well with other dogs and has an appropriate level of energy for his age.

He's quiet, definitely not a barker, and goes in and out of his crate willingly.  He's not been around kids yet so we're not sure how he'll react.  He's fixated on cats, and Andy's Foster Mom thinks he would chase them if given the opportunity.  His hearing and vision are good.  He's been neutered, is up to date on all vaccinations, is heartworm clear and his skin issues are the result of a hypothyroid condition which is being treated with medication.  Just wait until he grows fur, he will really be a cutie!!   


posted Jul 25, 2017, 6:38 PM by Christa McElroy   [ updated Aug 3, 2017, 4:19 PM ]

Angus is a male, 3 year old, neutered, tri-colored, smooth collie. His birthday is 12/28/13.  He has spent most of his life before Tri-County Collie Rescue living in a small crate. Angus is, therefore, still a puppy in many ways.

Angus is quite smart and responds very well to routine. He is very high energy and requires daily long walks and supervised play time. He gets along well with other dogs but can be wary of people when first meeting them.

Angus requires a home where he will not be crated and where someone will be with him---and not leave him alone routinely. He also needs an energetic home to continue his educational socialization in a patient fashion.  Angus also needs another dog living with him.

Angus has not been tested with cats, but he has caught squirrels and birds outside, so he has a well-developed prey drive. 

If you are interested in Angus, please submit an application and, upon approval, contact CS@collierescue.com.

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